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Customs Brokerage

International Expertise.

So why would you need us to help you with your customs brokering?

The importance of customs brokering lies in the fact that we not only ensure that your shipments face reduced delays and clearances issues, but also guarantee its compliance to the country-specific regulations. Unnecessary taxes and penalties can also be easily avoided by utilizing our customs brokerage services. As Customs brokers we act as an extended team of your company, who can help you with all the necessary clearance procedures, in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

International trade policies are quite strict and shipments might get delayed even if one document is missing. This issue can be solved with NATCO LOGISTICS’ help, who know the rules and regulations and can keep the mandatory documents in order.

We prepare the required documentation, calculate duties and other taxes on your behalf, arrange for inspections required by governmental agencies, and arrange for delivery.

We provide a wide range of specialised services that help you reduce significant costs and explore new markets.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Evaluating products / goods that need to be cleared and ensuring that they comply with all the necessary regulations
  • Registering entries of the goods with customs authorities
  • Generating an electronic entry for the consignment of goods if required, as per the customs body
  • Ensuring the customs authorities clear the goods quickly after verifying all the necessary documentation, and if required, follow up with them
  • Provide a copy of the customs entry to you, including the receipts of the duties paid for clearing the goods from customs
  • We can also apply for the refund of customs duties if the incorrect duties were paid. We provide assistance with the registration of importers and exporters with the Department of Customs and Excise, interpretation of the relevant sections of the Customs Act and Value Added Tax regulations on exports